11th Ward Street Sweeping

A schedule detailing the dates and locations for street sweeping in the 11th ward is posted below. Both files are in PDF format.

11th Ward Street Sweeping Schedule      Ward Map    

11th Ward Yard
3800 S. Iron

11th Ward Map

A map of the new 11th Ward in PDF format.

 11th Ward Map

11th Ward Offers Influenza Vaccinations

Cook County Commissioner John P. Daley and Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson in conjunction with the Chicago Department of Public Health are sponsoring influenza vaccinations on Thursday, October 22nd, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at McGuane Park, 2901 S. Poplar Ave.  One should receive a flu shot as soon as possible if you: are 65 years or older, will be at least 3 months pregnant during flu season (Nov. – Apr.), have a chronic health problem (such as heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, asthma, or other lung disease), suffer from long term illness that keeps you from fighting infections, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS, or if you live with or take care of any people as listed above, you should get a flu shot. 

John Marshall Law School's Pro Bono Program

On November 5th, attorneys and students at The John Marshall Law School will provide free expungement services to those in our community who have a juvenile record. Below is a flyer with all of the details and the consent form, which will allow us to obtain a participant’s information prior to the summit. In order to ensure that an individual receives services, they need to pre-register for the summit by Friday, October 30th.     

Please  join us next Friday, MAY 15th, 2015 from 7-10 PM.

Experience Art up close and personal at the longest running Third Friday in Chicago!  
The Zhou B Art Center has been a leader in Art Innovation since 2004.  

3 floors of artist studios to visit. Over 60 artists in residence welcome you to the space and their current work.

The 11th Ward Announces Two Water Main Projects

Following information courtesy of Department of Water Management:
Morgan St. Water Project Description
Project: The Department of Water Management will soon be installing 2,935 feet of 8-inch water main in S. Morgan Street, from W. 31ST Street to W. 35TH Street.
Reason: The old main consist of 8-inch pipe and we want to expand capacity. Further, the old pipe dates back to 1833 and needs to be replaced.
Timing: We will begin installing the new water main shortly, and expect the water main job to be completed in late July 2015. This project is being coordinated with CDOT and their department will complete all final restoration following water main construction. Dates may change depending on weather and other factors. If there is any appreciable change, we will notify you.
Traffic: We will allow traffic to flow on S. Morgan Street outside of our working hours. When we are working in the street, we have to close it to traffic for reasons of safety. You will always be able to reach your home or business, even if it means putting a metal plate in place. Outside of working hours, a lane will be left open for local traffic only.
Parking: We will post our work area for “No Parking” as needed, during work hours (7am-4pm). We are agreeable to parking outside of those hours, but will have to insist that cars be moved by the start of the next workday. We will try to preserve as much parking as we can.
Other notable information:
Individual water service may be temporarily interrupted during construction and residents will be given a 24-hour notice prior. Quality of life is a top priority during construction and workers will do their best to minimize the inconvenience.

Also, construction for the water main project has begun on 17th street & 17th place, between Halsted and Union.

The 11th Ward Announces a Public Forum on Bubbly Creek

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Chicago District released for public comment the “Bubbly Creek, South Branch of the Chicago River, Illinois, Draft Integrated Feasibility Report and Environmental Assessment.” The draft report provides a recommendation by the District Engineer for an ecosystem restoration project for Bubbly Creek.
   The study was completed in partnership with the City of Chicago, Department of Planning and Development. The report is available online at  Comments will be accepted by the Chicago District until May 15, 2015. 
   “The restoration measures outlined in this report will not only benefit the ecosystem in the area, they will also allow increased uses of the waterway for residents and visitors,” said Col. Christopher T. Drew, Commander of the Chicago District. “I encourage the public to review and comment on the report.”
   Currently, Bubbly Creek is a highly disturbed waterway supporting tolerant and invasive species.   This restoration project includes the installation of appropriate habitat structure.  Features of the proposed project include restoration of approximately 40 acres including 30.7 acres of substrate restoration, 9.3 acres of riparian restoration, one acre of emergent plant restoration, 3.3 acres of submergent plant restoration, and restoration of woody debris at 10 locations within the channel. 
   After implementation of the proposed restoration plan, the channel would support more diverse and abundant native aquatic plants and animals and resident and migratory bird population.  The project is expected to benefit the McKinley Park, Bridgeport, and Pilsen neighborhoods and would enhance the community’s outdoor experience provided by Canal Origins Park adjacent to Bubbly Creek and the future Eleanor Street Boat House, a nonmotorized boat house planned along Bubbly Creek’s bank.
A public meeting to provide additional information about the report and to seek input from the community is planned April 30, 2015 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. at the Bridgeport Public Library, 3400 S. Halsted Street, Chicago, Ill.  


Patrick D. Thompson Elected Alderman

"Thanks to all who made it out to vote in this election; I am both overwhelmed and humbled by your support and look forward to spending the next four years working hard on your behalf. Thank You All!"

Patrick D. Thompson

2015 11th Ward Aldermanic race resluts

% Votes
Patrick Daley Thompson
John K. Kozlar

11th Ward Announces Sewer Main Project

The 11th Ward announces the Sewer Main Project at 35th and Aberdeen. For more information see the flyer below.



Halsted Street Sewer Project

Please be aware there will be no parking restrictions during the Halsted Street Sewer Project. Parking will be available on both the East and West side of the street for all patrons of businesses.



Water Main Project at 31st and Halsted

Beginning Monday November 17th, the intersection of 31st and Halsted will be closed to westbound traffic for water main construction.
ONLY southbound traffic will be allowed on Halsted from 31st to 32nd street.
North bound Halsted traffic will be allowed only heading west on 31st.
For east and west bound traffic, DETOURS will be set up on 31st at Racine and Wallace to direct traffic away from Halsted.
The project will be complete by the week of December 15th, and possibly sooner than that if all goes well.



Thank You from Commissioner John P. Daley


11th Ward announces playground upgrade and improvement

Humbert Park playground is being improved as part of the Chicago Plays! Initiative.  The existing playground equipment will be removed and replaced with new equipment that includes a platform structure with slides intended for children ages up to 12 years, as well as climbing, spinning, and creative-play elements.  The design includes 8 swings with four toddler swings, three belt swings and an accessible molded bucket swing.  The exciting 34-foot zip-line feature is included in the design to promote balance play, strength, and group play.  The wood fiber mulch will be replaced and a new accessible ramp will transition into the playground.  Surrounding the playground, the asphalt surfacing will be repaired and the entrance will be enhanced with two new metal benches, a new drinking fountain, and new park signage.  Humbert Park playground is slated for completion by the end of 2014.

As part of the Chicago Plays! Initiative McKeon Park playground is being improved and is slated for completion by the end of 2014.  The design centers around a 2-5 year old play piece and a 5-12 year old play piece with a rope climbing element.  Both play pieces provide slides, spinning and climbing features that cater to each age group.  The design includes a total of 7 swings with two toddler swings, three belt swings and an accessible molded bucket swing and a tire swing.  ADA accessible independent play elements like the omini-spinner and saddle spinner provide opportunities for both independent and group play.  The wood fiber mulch will be replaced and a new accessible ramp will transition into the playground with new playground signage.


11th Ward announces water construction project in the Ward

In conjunction with Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s "Building a New Chicago” project, the Department of Water Management will begin a water construction project in the Ward starting September 22, 2014. Crews will be installing 3,439 feet of 16 inch water main in S. Lowe avenue, from W. 26th street to W 31st, W 26th Street street , from S. Lowe ave to S. Wallace Street and S . Wallace Street, from W.25th Place to W 26th Street. The old pipes dates back to 1878 and needs to be replaced.
Crews will soon begin construction in South Wells Street from W. 26th Street to W. 31st Street, W. 28th Place from S. Stewart Ave to S. Wentworth Ave, W. 30th street from S. Canal Street to S. Wentworth Ave
Crews will also be working in the following locations: 32nd Street (Racine-May); May (32nd St-601’ south of 32nd Pl.); 32nd Place (May-Morgan); 33rd Place (Morgan-Lituanica); Aberdeen (35th St-320’ north of 34th Pl.); Carpenter (32nd Pl.-556’ south of 32nd Pl.); Halsted (31st St.-240’ south of 32nd St.); and Morgan (32nd Pl.-33rd Pl.)

After September 29th, Crews will be installing 1,376 feet of water main on S. Emerald Ave, from W. 45th Street to W. 47th Street.

Bike Sharing in the 11th Ward

The Divvy Bike Program will be coming to the 11th Ward in the coming months. Divvy Bike docks will be placed at various locations in the ward. One location will be on Halsted St. near the CTA Orange Line bus/train terminal. Stay tuned for more locations.


Warning about Rats in Chicago

The species of rat found in Chicago is the Norway rat.  The name is rather misleading as this species originated in Asia centuries ago.
The rat has an average life span of six to twelve months.  Beginning at the age of two to three months, a female rat can produce four to seven litters per year with each litter containing eight to twelve pups.  Females can become impregnated within 48 hours after giving birth.  The number, size, and survivability of litters produced depend upon the amount of food and shelter available.
They prefer fresh food, but will eat many things such as pet food, dog feces, garbage, and plants.  If food is scarce, the strongest rats may even eat the weakest and young.
Norway rats prefer to live in burrows in the ground.  They are excellent climbers and swimmers and most active at night.  They have very hard teeth and can chew through wood and plaster or any other material that is softer than their teeth.  They can crawl through holes the size of a quarter, thread water for three days and land unharmed after a five-story fall.
Norway rats live in colonies that have very well defined territories.  The strongest colonies get the best places to live.
The risk of disease being spread from rats to humans is very real.  By their very nature, rats carry a variety of potentially infected fleas and ticks which may be passed on to people.  In rare occurrences, especially when cornered, rats bit humans or pets.


CTA Announces New Security Initiatives

- Rapid deployment of multiple, all-angle security cameras by end of the year

- Police to institute specialized patrols and use of plainclothes officers

Chicago Transit Authority announced plans to double the number of security cameras across the rail system, while also working with police to enhance security for passengers. Under the plan, Chicago police will deploy teams, called Wolfpacks, as well as plainclothes officers to patrol the system. Images captured from CTA security camera footage have been used by police to solve both CTA-related crimes and crimes that occur in the vicinity of CTA buses and rail stations. After reviewing existing security measures CTA and CPD also developed a plan to redeploy resources to adjust and upgrade coverage. Transit officers who are freed from school assignments for the summer will be assigned to Wolfpack patrols – highly visible teams of uniformed officers that will be deployed across the system based on daily analysis of crime patterns and trends. In addition, more officers will patrol in plainclothes in order to crack down on thefts of phones and other electronic devices.


The 11th Ward office, located at 3659 South Halsted St., Chicago, Illinois 60609 (773) 254-6677 is staffed Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm to provide city services and assistance to the constituents of the 11th Ward.

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